This book is a comprehensive practical guide to the law and procedure in relation to Qualified One-Way Costs Shifting, Section 57 of the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015 and Set-Off. Fundamental dishonesty is looked at in depth.

This book is an essential guide for judges, lawyers and litigants in person and all of those involved in the legal process. These are new and challenging concepts and this is the first book on the subject.

Here are some comments from leading people in this field:

“I read this compelling book in one sitting. Those who work in this area of law will suffer if they do not devour it as I did. It oozes pragmatic guidance at every turn. As essential for injury lawyers as The White Book itself.”

Professor Dominic Regan

“"Fundamental Dishonesty", "Substantial injustice" and Section 57 of the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015 are the new kids on the Personal Injuries block. Who better to introduce them to you and consider their vagaries than Kerry Underwood?”

His Honour Michael Cook, former Circuit Judge

“When one wishes to find a decent curry in say Basingstoke, one Googles "curry house Basingstoke". When one has a legal problem, particularly personal injury or Jackson related, one Googles "Kerry Underwood". It really is that simple! There is just no need to look elsewhere. ”

Andrew Twambley, CEO, InjuryLawyers4U

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