Dealing with someone’s affairs after they have died can be time consuming and complicated. We can do this for you and we offer a free initial discussion where we can give you a clear statement of our fees.

We have many years’ experience and expertise in dealing with estates. We take the worry and stress away from you by dealing with the financial institutions, the tax authorities and the court. 

We will:

  • collect in all of the relevant details of the assets and liabilities and we will complete the necessary tax forms and if necessary arrange for payment of Inheritance Tax
  • make the distributions according to the Will and prepare details of all the money and property so you can see where the money has come from and where it is going
  • look at the Will and advise you if it should be re-written.  This can be done anytime up to 2 years after the date of death and can help reduce any Inheritance Tax on the estate.
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