Underwoods Solicitors Fees for buying and selling your home.

Band 1 – Up to £500,000
£1,200 including VAT £1080 including VAT
Band 2 – From £500,000 to £1 million
£1,440 including VAT £1,320 including VAT
Band 3 – From £1 million to £3 million
£1,620 including VAT £1,560 including VAT
£600 including VAT £600 including VAT

Expenses include search fees, Land Registry fees and Stamp Duty Land Tax and money we pay to others, such as the management company for information about a leasehold property or notice fees in a lease. 

We give you full details of expenses after our initial discussion with you. 

Search fees are usually between £400 and £500. 

Land Registry fees and Stamp Duty Land Tax depend upon the value of the property. 

Our prices include dealing with the whole process, from our first contact with you, through exchange of contracts to completing your sale or purchase and then registering the matter at the Land Registry. 

The time this will take depends upon the length of the chain and can be between six weeks and six months, or longer. 

We tell you during your matter what is going on, so that you know of any delays and the reasons.

You pay expenses on top of our fees in the boxes above. 

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