If we are working for you in return for a fixed fee or under a contingency fee agreement then our fee is not directly related to the amount of work we do.

This creates a risk that a lawyer will under-settle the claim so as to avoid too much work and to get the fixed fee or contingency fee for less work than the matter needs.

We have strict rules within Underwoods Solicitors to avoid this happening and we will never settle a matter without your authority.

However, if you are unhappy about the terms of settlement in a case dealt with by payment of a fixed fee or a contingency fee, then you may use our appeal procedure. This enables you to appeal to Iain Goldrein QC and we will pay his fees and abide by his decision. Thus if he decides that we under-settled by £1,000 we will pay you that sum.

We trust that this will never happen but we regard it as important to have such a procedure in place. For more information about our appeal procedure please contact Kerry Underwood at this office.

This is additional to, and separate from, all other rights of redress you may have and does not affect them.